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Strephon Kaplan-Williams Bio

What is important in life?

  • Being conceived. My mother did not want a child.
  • Being born April 2, 1934 and surviving the lack of breast feeding!
  • Being born to talented and traumatized parents. My father, Oscar Williams, was a hidden Jew¬† who changed his last name from Kaplan to Williams to get along in America as the leading poetry anthologist of his day.
  • My mother, Gene Derwood was a painter and original poet who may yet be recognized by university professors and Women’s Studies people as a significant American poet of the Twentieth Century.
  • Being sent away to boarding school at age six, surviving that, and processing in long term Jungian-analysis as a young adult the traumatic effects.
  • Developing a love of learning through grade school, high school and 8 colleges and universities.
  • Going to Greer School, Hope Farm, New York, a New York City charity school, for the first eight years.
  • Enduring four years of terror, beatings and study at Onarga Military School, Illinois.
  • Graduating from the loving Quaker school, Friends Boarding School, Barnesville, Ohio.
  • Taking weekly Jungian analysis for 15 years, plus extensive bodywork therapy, starting at age 21, realizing there was something wrong with me from my traumatic childhood because I could not kiss a girl I loved. I later made up for ‘lost time,’ of course.
  • Birth of my two daughters: Alison and Marya.
  • Graduating B.A. Chapman University, California
  • M.A. English Literature at California University
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology at California University
  • California Marriage, Family Counseling, California
  • Chief Therapist, St. George Homes, Inc. Berkeley, California for 4 years. Trained there by Dorothea Romankiw, my second most important teacher in life, and later compassionate friend.
  • Ten years intensive training, Guild for Psychological Studies, under Dr Elizabeth Boydan Howes, my greatest life teacher, analyst, later friend and passionate journeyer of life via Jungian psychology and a Records of the Historical Jesus teacher.
  • Chosen by Dr. Howes as one of her original twelve Wisdom Jesus teachers and Records leaders in training, as well as Jungian psychology training to become a Jungian psychotherapist.
  • I received my license to do psychotherapy and counseling from the State of California.
  • 1976 I resigned from my ten year marriage, from St. George Homes, Inc., from the Guild for Psychological Studies to go on my own.
  • 1977 I founded the first dreamwork training institute, the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Institute, which lasted 10 years in Berkeley, California.
  • 1978 I published through my own Journey Press the first edition of the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual, the first comprehensive dreamwork manual ever published. This became a classic in the field.
  • 1980 I had my first year-long dreamwork training class for professionals and published the full revision of the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual, Journey Press. This was the first professional dreamwork training program not associated with any one psychology but based on methodology and results.
  • 1983-1984 I originated and convened the co-founders of the first international association for the study and appreciation of dreams and dreamwork, The Association for the Study of Dreams, now IASD.
  • This was my stance that dreams and dreamwork should themselves be a separate field of human experience, defined and studied on its own. I have never been officially recognized for this, but it is definitely part of my biography!
  • No, Gayle Delaney did not found the ASD organization as ‘founding president,’ as she claims.’ She was a co-founder along with Patricia Garfield and Jeremy Taylor, as the ASD board officially recognized in 1994. What a fight that was! An ASD president after her conveniently lost 200 sets of Dream Cards, donated by my publisher, Simon and Schuster. When an ASD board investigated the rival claims of Gayle Delaney versus four orginal co-founders, it finally voted in favor of six original co-founders, two added to the original four I had convened. The investigative research papers on the founding were keep secret from the public and then completely lost, according to a recent manager of ASD. These founders papers should have been made public on the principles of democracy and honest truth, as I asked for. This power politics was felt as a huge defeat for Strephon, who was never nominated for the yearly role of president of ASD, though the other three original founders were. Power politics stinks.
  • I have always been too honest for some ambitious people, and so withdrew partially from the world at this time to focus on working intimately with people and to writing my books about the process.
  • 1987 published Seedbursts and Transforming Childhood
  • 1988 I moved to England to live and teach dreamwork in Europe.
  • 1991 I published the first dream cards ever, The Dream Cards, Simon and Schuster, and other publishers, and eventually had a best seller at over 110,000 copies sold and still selling in some countries.
  • 1991 The Elements of Dreamwork, Element Books, was also published in eight languages.
  • 1989-2008 I have taught from one to four year dreamwork training programs in Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Romania, being perhaps the first major dreamwork trainer with a complete methodology, curriculum and standards for professionals who were certified by me.
  • 2003 I declared a separate branch of psychology, ‘Dreamwork Psychology,’ whose clear focus is on dreams and dreamwork methods for actualizing dreams, none of which are part of any one psychological approach.
  • Along the way of this journey I must acknowledge a number of significant friends and companions, some with whom I shared a sexual and feeling life with also. Hopefully we all grew together and became our real selves.
  • 2009 currently I am only teaching through an online membership group at www.dreamworkcircle.com, and developing my blog at StrephonSays.com to give my insights and original knowledge a permanent place on the web, under the technical supervision of Stefania Marian, my partner and colleague.


  • At military school I received the American Legion Award for outstanding citizenship.
  • Sixth place in Spanish, Devision III, State of Ohio.
  • 98.5 percentile of knowledge in national collage board entrance exams for college students.
  • 1966-1976 – chosen one of 12 Records Leaders, Guild for Psychological Studies.
  • 1994 – cited as an original co-founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
  • 2008 – over 350,000 of my books have been sold.
  • Nothing else significant in terms of the world that I know of! I currently write from obscurity. The final value to humanity of my work will only be known from the books I yet hopefully write, and from the true value of my work to be discovered after my death.

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